Competitor’s Course

Our Competitor's Course is being hosted by Kristóf Horváth. Kristóf has competed in various European CrossFit competitions and managed to stand on top of the podium several times. Kristóf has an extensive background in physical education due to his family background and has also received his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate in October of 2014.

During the Competitor's Course, you will get to experience first-hand how some the most successful CrossFit athletes train, what they pay attention to but also that much of their strength derives from an indomitable motivation and mental strength.

The Competitor's Course is suitable for every one that has mastered the basics of CrossFit and wants to take his training to the next level. We recommend having at least 1 year plus CrossFit experience. 

Sample Day of Programming


Light Cardio - Rowing or Running

Mobility and Movement Preparation​

Strength / Oly Lifting

Work Up to a Heavy Snatch

Conditioning I


5 Hang Power Snatch (70/50)

5 Pull Ups

5 C2B

5 Bar Muscle Ups​


Practice walking on your hands for 10 min

Class Schedule:

Every Saturday from 12 - 2 pm​


Included in all RCD membership types or 20 EUR as one-off. As a RCD member you book the class as you normally would. 

Registration / Booking:

Competition Credentials

  • French Throwdown 2015 - 3rd Place

Photo credit: French Throwdown

  • Lowlands Throwdown 2015 - 3rd Place

Photo credit: Madeleine Loman

  • Athen's Throwdown 2015 

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