CrossFit Kettlebell

The aim of Crossfit Kettlebell is to help our members improve the efficiency and safety of their kettlebell exercises while also making sure a killer WOD is included in every class.

The Kettlebell is an extremely versatile training tool and everyone can benefit from its usage, be it strength or endurance training, however, safety is placed first. The classes focus on developing essential skills to improve on the most common Kettlebell movements used in Crossfit including the swing, squat, deadlift and press variations.

We are starting from the basics and will work our way up to the ultimate challenge – the 5-minute kettlebell snatch test. 

Sample Day of Programming

Warm Up

Bodyweight mobility exercises for wrists, shoulders and hips

Slingshot, waiter hold

With lighter KB’s: Halo, deadlift, goblet squat

Skill / Strength

Perfecting swing variations - double, one handed, American

Core strength – plank


3 x 3 mins – 15 swings, 10 burpees, AMRAP clean & press

A sample training would begin with a bunch of mobility-focused movements to warm up and improve body awareness. This is followed by a plethora of core strengthening exercises, which are a must in order to get the most out of every repetition. The next group of exercises are built around explosiveness. A portion of every class is dedicated to learning new drills or perfecting the ones we already know. Finally, to earn the relaxing moments on the foam roller, we complete an intense workout hand-picked by yours truly. This will most likely leave sweating, exhausted and proud!

Class Schedule:

Mondays from 7.30 - 8.30 pm


Included in all RCD membership types or 20 EUR as one-off

Registration / Booking:

Meet the Instructor - Levente Lakner

I’m a CrossFit rookie but have been practicing with Kettlebells for over 3 years. At first sports became part of my everyday life but soon it turned into an addiction for any kind of movement be it yoga, running or climbing. Finally, I ended up completing the StrongFirst Level I certification in September 2015, and my goal became to share my love for fitness with others. I first came across Crossfit this year in RCD, while trying new sports in order to expand my skill set, and instantly fell in love with it. The ‘can do’ attitude of every participant on the classes regardless of the task and the strong community in RCD are things most coaches rarely find in life and can only dream of.

Outside the gym/box, I’m obsessed with traveling. This year I completed an awesome 8-month trip from Central America all the way to Canada along the west coast with my girlfriend. Being keen hikers we conquered 4000+ meter summits including the tallest volcano in Central America, Tajumulco – the view was well worth the effort. Feel free to ask me any questions on kettlebell training but don’t be surprised if I approach you with questions about CrossFit.

Would you like that Levente talks to you personally before you start?

Leave us your e-mail address and he will get in touch with you shortly.