Hercules Lifting

Our Hercules Lifting class is hosted by our experienced Coach, National Weightlifter and Strongman Gergö Somodi. In his own words, Gergö describes the Hercules Class as follows:

The Hercules Lifting class is not a traditional class. It is my personal training time where I share my own Olympic lifting experiments and programming with those who are willing to join and train with me. The name was inspired by the Beginner's Program of Dave Turner's Hercules Barbell Club. This program was the first minimalist style program, which served as the template for our class. Keeping the minimalist spirit, please find below a sample day of programming. 

Sample Day of Programming

Warm Up

Mobility Warm Up often using Kettlebells (KB):

  • ​KB Deadlift
  • Russian Swings
  • Halo
  • Double KB Press

Olympic Lifting

30 minute Snatch Practice incl. accessory lifts such as:

  • ​Snatch Balance
  • Tall Snatch
  • Various Carries


3 rounds: Max pull ups/chest to bar pull ups/300m rowing (not for time)

The goal of the Hercules Lifting Program is to practice the Olympic lifts and get stronger in them.

If you don't live in Budapest but would still like to follow Gergö's programming go to www.wodfollow.com and look for the Minimalist Lifting Template to see what Gergö has been up to.

Class Schedule:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 - 1 pm.


Included in all RCD membership types or 20 EUR as one-off. As a RCD member just book the class as you normally would.

Registration / Booking:

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