Personal Training / Small Group Training

We all start our fitness journey from different starting points. Some of us were physically active all our life, but some also didn't or couldn't because of job or family commitments.

With personal coaching, we will be able to give you the individual attention that you need. You will work with one of our expert coaches, who will focus on your needs and requirements. 

Our Approach 

  • ​Personal consultation (also possible via telephone) to get to know you
  • Assessment of your current fitness level to see from where we start
  • Goal definition to never lose your motivation
  • Mobility and Joint restoration to keep you healthy and make you feel great
  • Strength and Skill exercises that help you become stronger and move better
  • ​Conditioning exercises that are aligned with your goals (weight loss, body definition etc.)
  • ​Recovery techniques to prepare you for the next session
  • Nutritional guidance to make sure we fuel our body in the best way possible



Besides private coaching we also offer small group coaching in case you would like to get in shape with your loved ones, family members or your best friends. If you don't look for a long-term commitment, those are the current prices:

One-Off Prices


60 minutes

60 EUR per person/session*


60 minutes

45 EUR per person/session*


60 minutes

30 EUR per person/session*


Please leave us your e-mail address and your telephone number so that we can reach out to you and schedule our personal consultation with you.